Opinion v/s Hating


Since when has having an opinion mean that you are a “hater”. I Have never seen so many people conform to so much BS. If your mind is functioning on a grander scale, please feel free to elaborate.



Motherhood is a journey worth the trip!


I recently downloaded an app that my 3 year old would be able to trace his alphabets and numbers. It has only been a week and he loves this app. He loves that he is able to change the colors and numbers on his own. It has been very rewarding for me as a parent to see that he is a goggle little king in the works. 

Parents with Foolish Pride


Your childs first example are You, the parent. If your child has a speech delay for example, why not get them the help that they need while they are young. I over heard a lady telling her child that she was not going to help him, that is why she sends him to school; for the teachers to help. I thought to myself, what a dumb parent. She probably needed help herself.